We congratulate You on the Upcoming New 2022 year!


Dear citizens of Turkmenistan! The telecommunication company "Turkmentelecom" congratulates you on the upcoming New 2022 Year! We wish you happiness and prosperity, success and good mood, great creative heights, as well as good luck in all your endeavors. This year, which was held for us under the motto "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of peace and trust", has become a significant milestone for our country, striving for progress and development in all sectors. This year we celebrated glorious anniversaries on a large scale – the 140th anniversary of Ashgabat and the 30th anniversary of the independence of Turkmenistan. Our Nation celebrated the 26th anniversary of the country's neutrality with special enthusiasm in the spirit of unity and cohesion. The current anniversary year, announced on the initiative of the President of Turkmenistan as the International Year of Peace and Trust, has written new glorious pages in the historical chronicle of our country. We would like to note that this year Turkmenistan has actively promoted friendship, good-neighborliness, economic, cultural and humanitarian cooperation in the region and in the world as a whole, strengthening and expanding partnerships with reputable international organizations and governments of other countries. For its part, "Turkmentelecom" TC is also pleased to note the achievements in the provision of services to the population that were made in 2021. Striving to keep up with the times, Turkmentelecom expanded the service sector, making its services affordable and of high quality. So, at the beginning of the year, Internet prices were reduced. Together with the "Jan Technology" Economic Society, "Belet Film" - a new online cinema service was launched, as well as a new KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) service. Since November 1, our company has reduced tariffs for Colocation services for state-owned enterprises and organizations, private entrepreneurs, non-state legal entities without foreign investors. Throughout the year, Turkmentelecom provided large state events with Wi-Fi access points, as well as deployed a Wi-Fi network with high-speed Internet in the new Ashgabat shopping center. "Turkmentelecom" TC guarantees that it will always be near you, regularly improving and expanding its services. We would like to remind you that payment for Internet and hosting services is withdrawn on the 1st of each month, so we ask you to top up your account in advance.


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