Digital transformation: development of the Internet and cellular communications in Turkmenistan


As part of the implementation of the Program for the socio-economic development of the country in 2022–2028, Turkmenistan is preparing for serious changes in the field of telecommunications.

The Turkmenaragatnashyk agency is already conducting research to introduce modern 5G standards in the country. As part of the ongoing work, the material and technical base of the telecommunications industry is also being strengthened, the latest digital technologies are constantly being introduced and foreign investment is being actively attracted.

Decisions were made on the development of the Altyn Asyr cellular communication network in various regions of the country, including the city of Ashgabat, as well as on the modernization and expansion of the automated billing system.

At the moment, as part of the Altyn Asyr cellular network development project, modern equipment sets from leading foreign companies have been installed in the country, which provides even remote settlements with high-quality cellular communications, including broadband Internet. In addition, work was carried out to install equipment for the Internet system improvement project.

Turkmenistan is also showing active progress in the field of digital services.


The number of Internet users is 3,195,919 people, of which:

441,010 wired Internet users;

2,754,909 mobile internet users.

Currently, the leased part of the external Internet channel in our country has reached 170 gigabits/second, and the use of the internal Internet channel is 95 gigabits/second.

Currently, has a total of 515 government service portals, including 41 online payment and service portals, 268 information services, and links to 158 websites and 48 services provided by government agencies.

To date, a total of 42,315 personal accounts have been created on the government services portal

The “Start” messenger was also launched. Currently, the number of users has exceeded 396 thousand people. The user base is increasing every day.

The postal service company "Turkmenpost" launched the mobile software "Chapar", the number of users of which is over 176 thousand people.

As part of the development of the online trading system in the country, the electronic trading platform was launched, which presents 9,158 types of goods. The number of buyers exceeded 8,325 people.

Additionally, there are currently a total of 210,395 e-commerce subscribers nationwide.

The national email “” was launched. The number of users reached 42,717. 252 corporate domains were launched.

In total, 1,068 Internet sites are registered throughout the country, 312 of which are electronic stores and online stores. 209 of these sites were controlled by the State Cybersecurity Agency on a contractual basis.

The number of users using virtual server rental services (VPS, VDS) has increased, and the number of users of hosting services has reached 1,132. Prices for the colocation server rental service have been reduced by 4 times, and the number of users has increased to 18.

An online cinema platform (Belet Film) has been created. Currently, the number of users of this service is 87,601 people (Telecom - 37,312, AGTS - 11,241, Personal - 39,048).

The number of users of the national YouTube program “Belet wideo” has reached 16,103.

The Milli One antivirus program was created and launched. The program is regularly updated through information exchange with databases of leading foreign companies producing anti-virus software.

The creation of new platforms and services, as well as the modernization of the existing communications infrastructure, demonstrates Turkmenistan’s desire to develop a modern digital economy and provide its citizens with access to advanced technologies.


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