The number of online stores in Turkmenistan has exceeded three hundred


Today, more than 300 online stores are registered in Turkmenistan that sell food, everyday goods, clothing, building materials, furniture, and other products.

The increase in the number of electronic trading platforms is associated with an increase in demand for online services, an increase in Internet speed and regular reductions in tariffs for the services of the Turkmentelecom and Altyn Asyr operators. All this is facilitated by targeted work within the framework of the implementation of the State Program for the Development of the Digital Economy in Turkmenistan for 2021-2025.

Most online stores are created by entrepreneurs who quickly respond to consumer requests throughout the country. At the same time, state electronic trading platforms are also successfully operating, for example, the marketplace of the Turkmenposhta postal service company.

About 9 thousand users regularly make purchases on The Marketplace provides an opportunity for any stores in Turkmenistan to display their products on the website, as if in a shop window, thereby increasing visibility for potential customers.

The growing online market allows consumers in Turkmenistan to access a wider range of products without leaving home. And for businesses, e-commerce opens up new channels for selling products and attracting customers throughout the country.


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