The first stage of the second integrated Olympiad “Talented Descendants of Oguz Khan” started in Turkmenistan


The first round of the II integrated Olympiad “Talented Generations of Oguz Khan”, held by the Oguz Khan University of Engineering and Technology of Turkmenistan, has started in Ashgabat and all regions of Turkmenistan. The interest of schoolchildren in the integrated Olympiad “Talented Descendants of Oguz Khan” was very high. About 25 thousand students who took part in the first round completed tasks on IQ tests, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology courses in Turkmen or in English, depending on their language abilities. Let us recall that at the beginning of this year, methods for solving problems of the integrated Olympiad, held for the first time in 2023, were posted on the university website.

The active participation of the winners of state and international Olympiads in competitions increased the significance of the Olympiad. Despite the large number of participants, preparations for the Olympiad were carried out at a high level. Each student was assigned an individual code to ensure fair competition. Based on the number of registered schoolchildren, the sheets with questions were sealed in envelopes and handed over to the responsible commissions. After the completion of the Olympiad, the students’ works were put into a folder, sealed with the seal of the corresponding school and sent to the central organizing committee.

In general, the level of organization of the II Integrated Olympiad “Talented Generations of Oguz Khan” was very high. The participation of schoolchildren in the Olympiad events clearly showed the passion of young people for science and the importance of the Olympiad. By the way, in the recently announced shortlist of the Times Higher Education Awards Asia 2024 to determine the ranking of world universities, the university managed to enter the top eight in the field of “Student Recruitment Campaign of the Year” for its outstanding achievements in attracting a wide range of talented applicants.


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