NTK terminals handled 2.8 million tons in February


More than 3.9 million tons were transported for export through the NTK seaports in Murmansk, Vanino, Tuapse, and Nakhodka. The total volume of transshipment at the NTK ports amounted to 2.8 million tons.

In total, 130 thousand wagon shipments were carried out in February. The national transport company transported 9.37 million tons of cargo by rail in February 2024. More than 56% (5.3 million tons) were transported for the domestic market, including mineral and construction cargo, coke, ferrous metals, ore and others.

The Arctic program of the Murmansk sea trade port, which started in February, plays a significant role in transportation that is strategically important for the domestic market. Part of the work on transshipment of petcoke and iron ore concentrate is carried out using a road transshipment complex, reports the Telegram channel Transport Logistics NTK.


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