Turkmentelecom offers intranet for legal entities


Dear subscribers! Turkmentelecom offers the service of implementing an intranet system for effective remote work. An intranet, unlike the Internet, is an internal private network of an organization or a large government agency. As a rule, an intranet is an Internet in miniature, which is built on the use of the IP protocol for the exchange and sharing of some part of information within this organization. This type of service enables high-speed connection to network nodes within Turkmenistan without using the Internet, which provides good opportunities for the introduction of electronic document management between organizations and enterprises within the country when coordinating work without an Internet connection. Features of the intranet service: A personal account accessible from both computers and mobile devices to access the resource wherever the user is. Automation of routine processes; relieving the burden from the accounting department and the HR department. A tool for timely informing all employees of the organization. Common functionality for all employees, but with the ability to assign access rights to departments and companies within the organization. Create reports for managers and collect KPIs that are important for business. A system integrated with the company's existing information systems.


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