A unified technical support service has been launched for subscribers of the telecommunications company "Turkmentelecom"


The telecommunications company "Turkmentelecom" has launched a single technical support service in Turkmenistan – 071. The technical support service receives calls from all our subscribers, all the velayats of Turkmenistan are included in its system. Dialing 071 will immediately connect to the call center operator at your place of stay anywhere in Turkmenistan. How does the 071 service work? Order intercity and international calls; get reference information by analogy of the "09" service. Subscribers of "Turkmentelecom" can leave a request for our current services - Internet, telephony, cable TV; our operators, answering the call, will forward requests to the competent departments. You only need to explain the type of malfunction. On the "first line", the operator qualifies your request according to the level of technical complexity. Simple requests will be solved on the spot, and complex ones will be sent by the operator to the "second line" of the call center - engineers with high technical training. With each call, applications will be automatically created and then transferred to technicians who use a special mobile application "Online tehnik" in their work. A professional technician of Our Company will receive all the exact details of the application: your address, phone number, as well as the existing malfunctions that need to be eliminated. The technician, being at the call address and having eliminated all malfunctions, will have to enter a four-digit code in the mobile application to complete the application. Note that this code will be issued to you personally. Our technical support service 071 works twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. All service operators have received special education and training on the basis of the "Turkmentelecom" training center.


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