The city of Anau in Turkmenistan has been declared the cultural capital of the Turkic world in 2024


A solemn ceremony was held in the Nowruz ýaýlasy valley of the Ak Bugday etrap on the occasion of declaring the ancient city of Anau the cultural capital of the Turkic world in 2024. This decision was made by the Permanent Council of TURKSOY in recognition of the cultural potential of Turkmenistan, writes TDH.

At the event, with the participation of members of the Turkmen Government, representatives of Turkic states and the creative intelligentsia, a large festive concert of art masters took place. The atmosphere of folk festivities with national rituals, games, treats and equestrian competitions was recreated in the valley.

“Yurts representing all regions of the country are located here. Each of them became the stage for a mini-performance, the action of which took place both inside the traditionally decorated home and outside, where women, sitting comfortably on trestle beds, prepared national dishes and sweets.

Nearby, craftswomen are engaged in needlework, embroidering outfits, skullcaps, weaving carpets, felting felts. Everything is like in the real life of ancient Turkmen villages, which invariably arose on the most active trade routes,” comments TDH.

As part of the cultural program, excursions were organized for the participants of the event to one of the outstanding monuments on the territory of the Ahal velayat - the Seyit Dzhemaletdin mosque, built in the 15th century, to the modern city of Arkadag, which meets international standards, as well as to other attractions of the Turkmen capital and the Ahal velayat.

In addition to concerts and festivals, scientific conferences and tourism forums, excursions to historical monuments of the Ahal velayat are also planned as part of the cultural program.


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