Renting a physical server is a new service from Turkmentelecom TC


Since May 1, 2022, the telecommunications company Turkmentelecom has been launching a new service – rent of physical server (dedicated server). This is a convenient and economical way to host a project with an increased load, as well as a large number of sites with the possibility of flexible customization to suit your needs. As part of the service, a separate physical server of the selected configuration is provided, located in a specialized data center. The client gets full administrative access to the management of software and hardware components of the server without access restrictions. Significant computing power and high bandwidth of the communication channel allow you to host projects of any complexity on a dedicated server: from online stores and forums with high attendance to mail servers and database servers. Rental price: HOST 1 – 1985 TMT per month (including VAT), HOST 2 – 2535 ТМТ per month (including VAT), HOST 3 – 3365 ТМТ per month (including VAT), HOST 4 – 4885 ТМТ per month (including VAT), The successful completion of the tasks assigned to your Internet project depends on the power and correct configuration of the physical server. These parameters play a particularly important role in the implementation of a large-scale project with individual configuration requirements. Placing data on a dedicated server allows you to significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of work, as well as reliably protect important information from third parties. The price of a dedicated server varies from 1958 to 4885 TMT per month – it depends on the parameters of the computer you choose. In our data center, there are dozens of servers with different processors, the amount of RAM and HDD/SSD drives, as well as the number of IP addresses. Accordingly, you can choose the most optimal tariff plan with an ideal balance of price and quality of services provided. You need a dedicated server if: You are the owner of large sites with high traffic and a VPS server is no longer enough. You are the owner of application sites or projects that require a high level of security. Advantages of such a solution: no costs for the purchase of expensive equipment; no maintenance personnel costs; no server room equipment costs; reliable data storage with multiple backups; virtual server operation in 24x7 mode; technical support; access to a physical server; the possibility of increasing the capacity of the virtual server.


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