New VDS hosting plans


One of the most important parameters for measuring the performance of disk storage is IOPS, or the number of input / output operations per second. This figure for SSD drives is an order of magnitude (or several orders of magnitude) higher than that of SAS or SATA HDDs.
VDS hosting using solid state drives is characterized by increased speed of loading the operating system, reading and writing data.
1. SSD drives.
2. New modern servers.
3. Large selection of OS Linux, Windows.
4. New tariff plans. You need a large storage to store media files, or more powerful servers to deal with high load or traffic.
5. Hourly billing. You can create a virtual server for a few hours for testing, or deploy a new server to distribute the load at a time of high traffic.
6. new personal account. you can create yourself a new virtual machine at any time. choose a tariff, an operating system, and in a few minutes the virtual server will be ready.
7. Keep track of expenses in your personal account, hourly withdrawals, the number of created virtual servers and other information


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