Yandex LLC of the Russian Federation expressed interest in further development of the bilateral partnership.


Chairman of the Agency "Turkmenaragatnashyk" Khadjimurad Khudaiguliyev held talks with the technological head of GR-projects of "Yandex" LLC of the Russian Federation Alexander Bolkhovityanov on the further development of bilateral partnership. During the meeting held in Ashgabat on Thursday on the sidelines of the meeting of the heads of the Turkmen-Russian intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation, issues of large-scale work on the development of the digital economy in Turkmenistan, the introduction of digital systems, cybersecurity of these systems, etc. were discussed. Bolkhovityanov expressed great interest in establishing cooperation on the introduction of the Turkmen language into the "Yandex Search" system, the introduction of a map developed in Turkmenistan into the "Yandex Maps" system and integrating it into a number of services ("Yandex Taxi", Artificial Intelligence, Taxi Service with artificial intelligence, etc.), "Cloud Technologies" and other databases data. A proposal was made to install the services provided on the local servers of Turkmenistan. Alexander Bolkhovityanov proposed to organize a working meeting with specialists to develop cooperation and study this issue in more detail.


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