«Türkmenpoçta» offers money transfer services throughout Turkmenistan


The postal service company "Türkmenpoçta" offers clients money transfer services throughout Turkmenistan.

Citizens of Turkmenistan can use the service at any of the Turkmen Post offices. When sending or receiving money, you must present your passport or other identification document.

It is worth noting that if the recipient of the transfer does not collect the funds sent to him within 30 days, they will be returned to the sender at the post office from which the transfer was made. The sender is notified of this within 5 days.

If the sender also does not collect the funds, the postal operator will transfer them to the company’s account for a period of 3 years with appropriate notification to the sender.

You can get more detailed information about the activities of the Turkmenposhta postal service company by calling the short number 075.


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