What is OVZ and KVM technology? How are they different?

OpenVZ (Open Virtuozzo) is a containerization platform based on the Linux kernel. It allows you to run multiple operating systems, also based on Linux, on a single host system. Containers operate as an independent Linux system with root access, file, user or group, process, and network isolation. OpenVZ containers are given a certain amount of RAM, processor cores, and hard disk space and made available as virtual Linux servers. Some of the CPU and memory resources are allocated to the container, so if the container needs more resources than what was allocated to it, it can temporarily borrow from the unused resources of other containers. Since the kernel is shared by all containers during containerization, it is not possible to change the kernel settings, upgrade it, or use additional kernel modules. Thus, you will not be able to improve system performance and kernel capabilities through updates. You will still have the old Linux distribution. KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a hardware virtualization technology that makes it possible to create an absolute virtual analogue of a physical server on a host machine: the client can adapt and change the OS to personal needs without restrictions. Any operating system is allowed.

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